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1) Is flossing important daily?

Yes, between teeth to properly clean out plaque, this is what builds up around your tooth after meals because of bacteria that make acid from sugars in your diet, after a while it turns into tartar which you can’t get off with a toothbrush. The bacteria in the tartar will result in you having gum disease or cavities, sometimes resulting in missing teeth. If you have bad breath, flossing helps clean out the odour as plaque travels and builds in between the teeth and gums where a toothbrush can’t reach. We encourage you to floss at least once a day after meals.

2) Which toothbrush should I use and why do my gums bleed sometimes?

There are many styles of toothbrushes, our team will inform you on which toothbrush to use. The main two are soft bristles and hard bristles. Try an avoid hard bristle as they can sometimes hurt when you brush hard causing you discomfort.

Make sure you brush in a circular motion instead of just back and forth. Work your way around each tooth until you are satisfied, also brush your tongue and inside of your cheeks to get rid of bad bacteria, there will be more between teeth which is why flossing is recommended. Don’t be frightened if your gums start to bleed, this is just a sign of gingivitis, this can be solved by brushing and flossing properly using a soft bristle toothbrush. After a few months of properly taking care of your oral hygiene you will start to realise your gums will stop bleeding while you brush.

3) How often should I see the dentist/hygienist?

You’re required to see the dentist at least once a year for a routine check up to maintain your teeth. You’re also required to see the hygienist at least two to three times a year just to make sure that your oral hygiene is looked after (check gums/tartar/plaque control).

4) What is the best way to maintain whitened teeth?

Come into the clinic and get a professional to have a look at whether you need whitening options or not.

Phillips ZOOM! Whitening is a solution we offer our patients who want a whiter and brighter smile. It has instant long-lasting whiteness with amazing results that can’t be achieved by purchasing instore/advertised products that are said to ‘whiten’ teeth.

Try and refrain from anything that directly stains your teeth (smoking, coffee, soft drinks, sweets) if you want the whitening to last longer.

5) Any solutions to fixing crooked teeth?

Invisalign is a solution that involves clear aligners that fit in like a mouth guard but tighter solely focused to be placed around your teeth with one job, straighten the teeth out. These are designed, produced and customized to your oral specifications only.

We also offer non-extraction orthodontics which is different to the conventional method as we work to keep all the teeth and just reshape them back into the correct position, a functional orthodontic approach. Come into Greenlane Dental for a FREE ortho consultation and our professionals will provide you with the best recommendations that suit your needs.

6) What can you do to help sensitive teeth?

There are desensitizing toothpastes and soft bristle toothbrush available for people with sensitive teeth. It is important to seek a medical professional for new sensitive pains as they can provide the best solutions. Try to avoid hot and cold drinks, they can be painful to your teeth as it puts pressure on an exposed region resulting in a sharp pain, this is usually because of receding gum lines or periodontal disease.

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