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Our Services


Orthodontics focuses on dental and facial irregularities. We also offer Invisalign to straighten teeth using clear aligners instead of braces. Orthodontic consultations are complementary at our clinic.


Oral Surgery tends to focus on more complex work than your normal visit. We use the best technology to give us quick and reliable results. Our expert dentists will write up a full treatment plan, includes full instructions for pre & post surgery maintenance.


Cosmetic dentistry mainly focuses on improving your facial aesthetics in addition to physical appearance. From internal to external we reshape and colour teeth, provide skin treatments. We also offer a range of injectables for beauty.


General dentistry tends to mainly focus around the routine non-complex type of visits where we try and complete the process as simple and minimally invasive as possible. Some services do take longer than others all depending on the health of the teeth and gums.