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Dental Implants & Cosmetics Institute


Started in 2008 by Dr Saud Ibrahim initially based in Hamilton at Chartwell Dental Centre. He also travelled to Auckland for two days visiting multiple referring clinics around the region.

He is currently based in Auckland and is directing a Dental Implants & Cosmetics Institute at Greenlane Dental.

Main Services

1. Dental Implant Placements

All on Four Fixed & Removal

Immediate loadings* depending on bone conditions and health of pt

2. Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Teeth Suffering from occlusal wear due to occlusal parafunction habits such as grinding, teeth mal alignment or multiple missing teeth which cause loss of vertical dimension & occlusion problem resulting in TMJ problems & loss of teeth as well.

Treatment required

Full mouth porcelain or composite crowns and veneers with occlusal bite splints to protect further problems.

3. Wisdom Teeth

Full Removal of Impacted Wisdoms out of tricky positions close to sinus and inferior dental canals.

4. Surgical Removal of the Tori

Torus palatinus which interferes with denture stability.

5. Cosmetic extreme makeover

Porcelain Veneers & Designer Smiles.

6. Invisalign

Clear Orthodontic Treatment.

7. Connective Tissue Graft

Palatal connective tissue graft & CGF (Concentrated Growth Factor) for Gum Recession cases.

8. Intravenous sedation

Using Hypnoval 5mg/5ml & Fentanyl

For Kids we invite our Anaesthetist specialist for sedation.

9. Laser Treatment

Soft tissue laser for tounge tie and high frenum attachements & crown lengthening

10. Treatment of Periodontally Involved Teeth - Teeth that has massive loss of bone

Location & Contact (include us on google maps and our business card details)

Training Session

New Dentist no implant experience: We provide a full training protocol on live cases, hands on, live patients.

Session 1

Day 1

Anatomy - Dental & Medical History of Patient
Patient Sedation
Type of Flaps Designs
Types of Suturing Techniques
Hands on Models
Examination - Clinical, X-rays, 3D scans, Production/Sugical stent

Day 2

Live Surgery on Patient to Place Implants.
Each Dentist will place 2 implants in same day.
Limited number of only 6 dentist per course.

Session 2

Day 1

3 months after implant placement
Follow up with the patient.
Fix line head impression

Day 7

Implant Crown Placement

Medium Cases with Dentists of Simple Implant Experience

Bone graft
Implant placement
Connective tissue graft
Live surgery
Dentists hands on patients selected with 3D Scan & Surgical Stent


Use of CGF & PRP line on patient and Dentists with Micro needling facial aesthetics & Fibre Lifting
New Graduate Dentists Training on the art of use composite filling & technique
Extraction procedure & technique
Avoiding tracematic extraction
Flap design & surgery
Live patients, each dentist hands on
Oro antral communication procedure to manage & avoiding happening
Nurses Training for Surgical & Dental